Hawaii Math Teacher Salary Expectations

Based on information obtained from the Hawaii Workforce Infonet, which is the occupational data website managed by the Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, the median of math teacher salaries in Hawaii is $60,880. The average is slightly higher at $64,830. Beginner salaries average about $36,610 annually, but salaries at the most experienced level average much higher at around $78,930.

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In Honolulu County, which includes the city of Oahu and Honolulu, the median salary among math teachers is $65,640. The average of beginning salaries is $38,810 while the average of experienced-level salaries is $84,180. The average among all math teachers in Honolulu County, however, is $69,060.

In addition, the Hawaii State Department of Education shows the following entry-level salary schedule for math teachers employed in Hawaii Public Schools:

Class II Bachelor’s

  • Step 1: $34,229
  • Step 5 (0-1 year): $45,157
  • Step 6 (2-6 years): $46,511

Class III Bachelor’s + 30 or Master’s

  • Step 1: $36,966
  • Step 5 (0-1 year): $48,768
  • Step 6 (2-6 years): $50,232

Class VII PhD or EdD

  • Step 5 (0-1 year): $58,150
  • Step 6 (2-6 years): $59,895

An additional salary table from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is shown below:

Area name
Annual median wage
Honolulu HI
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