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The fields collectively referred to as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) have emerged as the most important in terms of sustained economic growth, environmental sustainability, and maintaining America’s position as a global innovator and source of technological progress. As the United States works to remain competitive in the global arena, a renewed focus has been placed on producing high school graduates destined for college that will become leaders in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

MathTeacherEDU.org was created to give aspiring math teachers the tools they need to prepare for a career dedicated to preparing America’s youth for the global job market of the 21st century. This free and independent resource draws from state Departments of Education to provide step-by-step guides that detail the requirements to become a certified math teacher.

In addition to providing detailed information on approved educator prep programs, student teaching requirements, and exam content required for initial licensure, MathTeacherEDU.org is also a source of information on continuing professional education requirements for maintaining licensure, as well as graduate programs that will contribute to career advancement and salary increases.

Aspiring college students and existing math teachers alike will find MathTeacherEDU.org to be a comprehensive and reliable resource that will serve them from the time they prepare for initial licensure, to the time they secure tenure.