Math Teacher Receives Honor for “Making Math Fun”

Emily Mowry, a teacher at West Broadway Middle School in Coventry, Rhode Island was recently bestowed the Distinguished Educator Award. In a surprise ceremony last week the Rhode Island Middle Level Educators bestowed her with the honor.

Mowry, her husband and three sons were joined by her colleagues as part of the celebration. Principle William Black and Superintendent Susan Lusi were also on hand to help congratulate Mowry.

The award guidelines include excellence in promoting and sharing best practices at the middle school level. Superintendent Lusi acknowledged Mowry’s dedication to her students stating that great teachers take their work and kids home with them, “… In their heads, in their hearts.” During her speech, Lusi also said that great teachers like Mowry always work to determine the appropriate way to reach a student, either supporting them if they are struggling or pushing them more to excel.

Councilman Bryan Principe was also on hand to present a congratulatory citation to Mowry from the City of Providence. An advocate for the reopening of the West Broadway Middle School this year, Principe was excited that the school was off to such a strong start, crediting the excellent teachers and students at the school.

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During her acceptance speech Mowry remarked on the inspiration she felt at being part of the West Broadway team, telling both students and staff, they make her want to become a better teacher and give her a reason to come to work each and every day.

Mowry has been a math teacher in the Providence area for seven years, teaching a wide range of topics including geometry and algebra. Additional duties at the school include being the data coordinator and a member of both the Positive Behavior and Instructional Leadership teams.

Yeyina Torres, a student of Mowry’s, thanked Mowry for believing in her and making her a better student, adding that Mowry “made math fun!”